I’ve been publishing articles here less frequently and I kind of like the slower pace. It gives us a chance to go narrow and deep and gives newer people time to digest stuff.

The 250 articles in the queue will get in when they get in. By slowing things down a bit here on the PLC – not too much – we can also maybe get a chance to go into the Forum more.

So let’s try that. Send me feedback on this, if it works for you or not. But it’s working for me. It just feels right. I see better discussion in the comments field with this recent slowdown. I also think it would be wonderful if the PLC became more user friendly for newer people.

And newer people, you should be focused on the articles mentioned in here most of all. This is the bread and butter of this site:

1. CWB (Circling with Balls)
2. WCTG (Word Chunk Team Game)
3. OWI (One Word Images)
4. jGR (jen’s Great Rubric)
5. the Classroom Rules
6. Jobs for Kids
7. L&D (Look and Discuss)
8. ROA (Reading Option A
9. cRD (Compact Read & Discuss)
10. The Net Hypothesis (Verb Walls/Word Walls excepted)**
11. Two Weeks Weekly Schedule 2013 (includes Textivate and IMTranslator)
12. jGA (James’ Great Argument)
13. RSF (Robert’s Sentence Frames)
14. Dictée
15. Matava and Tripp story scripts
16. Movie Talk
17. cWZ (Charlotte’s Wall Zoo for elementary)
18. https://benslavic.com/blog/category/checking-for-understanding-we-verify-by-asking-more-yn-and-one-word-answer-questions-than-we-ever-thought-we-could-in-a-million-years/
19. https://benslavic.com/blog/2013/01/12/alchemy-2/



10 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Oh, and by the way, I think that slowing down with the articles is an EXCELLENT idea. I can barely keep up. For me, it would be helpful to have some time in between articles to digest all the new information.

    1. It might be, but I had to search a while back to find the information on essential sentences. If I am not mistaken, the essential sentences are taken from a reading and then illustrated, while the sentece frames are essentially sentence beginner prompts which are then further developed by the students. Am I correct in my understanding?

      1. That’s what I thought. I take the Essential Sentences idea and then have the kids make a Powerpoint “comic strip” using those sentences — it’s been great.

        1. As much as I like having my students pull out Essential Sentences, I’m having a hard time understanding how to grade them. I gathered from Robert Harrell that:

          • An Essential Sentence contains basic, necessary information
          • An Essential Sentence is often the main sentence of a paragraph

          But, the stories I write up from our story-asking sessions often have many 2-3 sentence paragraphs, lots of dialogue, and other story nuances that make it difficult for me to think that any particular sentence in the story would not be essential. I’m left thinking that Essential Sentences are great for us, as a class, to discuss why any particular sentence would be essential, getting more repetitions and TL exposure as a result. But, as a means of reading comprehension, I don’t know.

          1. “as a means of reading comprehension” to serve as an assessment tool for reading comprehension, that is.

          2. I assess their reading comprehension based on the pictures they draw/images they find to illustrate the sentences that they picked. So while I’m not really grading them on finding the “most important” sentences necessarily, I do have an objective way to evaluate their comprehension of the sentences that they did pick.

            Mostly I just need to coach them on how to choose which sentences. My texts are all quite short, so ES is about retelling the content in (ex) 5-6 sentences instead of the original 10 or 12.

  2. I reported on the 2013 TESOL France Colloquium on the Forum under “Successes”. Do I understand it right, that if we want to say something that can fit into one of the Forum categories, we put it there, and if it relates to one of the recent topics we post a comment on the topic, and if it’s brand new, we send it to you???

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