Update 1

Many articles you have sent me by private email have been shoved back into the queue by time. My intent is to always get them in the queue for eventual publication. But now, for the first time, I can see that some are not going to ever be published simply due to the volume of everything.

I have to apologize for that. What happens is that I have decided not to overload the site with too many posts. I just won’t do that. I choose what I consider the most important stuff, like the recent stuff on reading, bc I feel that many of us need that right now, bc we can’t keep the level of CI intensity going right now and the kids can’t either.

But then other stuff is just lost back in the queue. If that has happened with some of the stuff you have sent me for publication, all I can do is apologize. I finally accept that few of us can keep up with all of the information. I work half time and that is the only way I can do it, so I can imagine how many of the rest of the group are just not getting time to read all the stuff as it is.

Again, it’s my decision to limit content here and publish only the stuff that I feel is most important for our current teaching each week. If you feel it is something that you really want published, of course tell me and I will send it through to the front of the queue.

But, as we are in our sixth year now with well over 4,000 articles and over 13,000 comments, I can really see that there really is a kind of organic emergence of things, almost like – as the weeks go by – in each week it is best to do a certain thing – like more reading in October, that kind of thing. And I personally want to read more reports from the field – they may be the most important content we have here.

We are part of something that is much bigger than we think. But we have to keep things simple or we will lose our focus and that sense of change that characterizes our work will be lost. That has already happened to a lot of us. We are confused by too much information and we are losing the great power of the method and its pristine simplicity and incredible je ne sais quoi quality in the process. We need to stay focused and keep things simple.

Just because the roller coaster car is going around a big curve doesn’t mean we have to fall out of it.



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