The Year in Review – Michael Coxon on the State of CI

Michael shares some great observations that, I agree, have never happened before 2015:
Something changed this summer. Teaching with Comprehensible Input has clicked with mainstream teachers. I guess we could credit it to the plural efforts of everyone involved. Even those that share what we might call watered down versions need to be supported and commended.
Possiblities for CI revival:
There are several teachers of the year, several bloggers, the materials to use in the classroom are getting better and better, the conferences and workshops continue to provide useful and relevant ideas, the idea of INCLUSION is becoming stronger and stronger, the availability to view teachers online using stories and interacting with students is powerful, and last but not least teachers are realizing that their students are not achieving what they set out to have them achieve.
I also had many highlights at ACTFL this year. I got very little sleep in those days but it was worth it! I think the biggest achievement for all of us was that VP connected with Krashen for all to see. Both of those figures have been and are now publically connected in 2015. They are instrumental in sharing with teachers ideas and research about sla theory.
2015 will go down as a significant year in story of “CI across America.” As I reflect, I realize that it’s not just one thing that determines the success of a movement. It is the plural efforts of many and it is the personal relationship variable that makes all the difference. It is all about people!
Additionally, there should be no mistake about the importance of this particular blog and the wonderful people on it. People like Michele Whaley, Mark Knowles, Chris Stolz, Robert Harrell, the Hermanator and many others have been diversifying SLA resources and keeping discussions going for years.
These individuals had a lot to do with getting VP and K together this year. Right now IMO, K and VP have a lot more buzz because of the constant sharing and caring in this PLC. When these guys are successful so is TPRS and input-based teaching and learning.



4 thoughts on “The Year in Review – Michael Coxon on the State of CI”

  1. In BC, the only thing generating excitement among young teachers is C.I.
    Many of the dinosaurs are now delivering their worksheets via various apps, and forcing students to talk through google hangouts or whatever, and do low-freq-vocab “cultural” stuff also with tech…but their understanding of how languages are acquired hasn’t changed.
    The younger crew– esp. the ones I see at Uni and the ones we can rope into C.I. demos every Oct– are hooked, cos TPRS is fun and it works and best of all no more stupid project marking.
    Coxon also shoudl get a ton of credit 🙂

    1. …and best of all no more stupid project marking…
      Chris, you and I are cut from the same cloth. That is precisely how I think, and would express it in the same way. The words are so simple, so direct:
      stupid project marking

  2. From what I saw at ACTFL 2014, it looked like what Mike describes as reality was a future possibility. Now it sounds like a real trend. So cool!
    Trying again with a proposal for ACTFL 2016.

  3. Ben, very cool of you to share this!
    Submission deadlines for ACTFL 2016 is January 13th. There are so many topics on this very blog that would make for great 1 hour seasions.
    The coals are hot right now, I encourage people to submit, co-present, and share the knowledge we all have gained.
    This can be done for cheap too! Seven of us rented a nice house in San Diego and had a great experience at ACTFL 2015. Let’s oranize the troops and share!!!

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