Teacher of the Month – December 2014 – James Hosler

James teaches Latin in the Kansas City area and has been a most important member of our group for some time now. I certainly don’t need to say that, though, to anyone who reads here regularly. He is a powerhouse, teaching eight classes a day and should be Teacher of the Month for that reason if for no other.

James’ vision of this demanding work we do has a quality and depth in it that in my experience is extremely rare. I don’t really know how to describe it here and anything I would say about James’ vision of and work with comprehensible input would not be sufficient to describe what I feel he really does.

At no risk of hyperbole, I think that James is a prodigy in this work (and we have more prodigies here in this group than we may think). Why do I say that he is a CI prodigy? Where do I begin?

First, James’ overall work and instruction seem to be infused with great kindness and patience. Secondly, James has a no-nonsense edge to his focus on CI. Third, like so many of the other Latin Kings in our group, James’ scholarship, his knowledge of his field, is clearly true and deep.

When it comes to designing instruction that brooks no compromise, James totally gets it. He sees the method. He is fearless and honest. James is a young master of CI whose career will benefit countless people. If you want proof, go add reading his blog (link below) to your daily self-education on CI and you will see why I say that.

This month’s Teacher of the Month sets the CI bar just about as high as it can be set. Thanks James for being yourself, for being a great teacher and a great leader even though you just started with this work a few years ago. Your contributions here keep the level of discussion where we all want it to be.




16 thoughts on “Teacher of the Month – December 2014 – James Hosler”

  1. Congratulations! This is so well-deserved – James, you inspire me with each and every post. I am so thankful to have you to look up to and learn from.

  2. James and his work are a big part of why I felt inspired to take the plunge into teaching Latin with CI. This is a very well deserved accolade for an exceptional teacher and human being. You the man, James!

    1. Ha, I just saw that John also said “you the man” (albeit in correct spelling), which must mean that you truly are the man. You Latin Kings are serious pioneers!

  3. Hosler did this story at iflt: puer et puela sunt. puer puelam amat. Puela ad Sharkago it. Puer at Sharkago it. Puela pueram non amat. Puela pueram pulsat. Puer non felix est.

    This guy is so slow that the words just glue themselves into your head.

    1. Who drew the city skyline of Sharkago with the Shark Building in there? And who’s idea was it? That was a great moment. I think the name came from David Sceggel and Piazza drew it?

  4. Well done James! It was a pleasure meeting you in Denver this past summer. And with all your participation and contributions, I can definitely see why you were chosen as Teacher of the Month!

  5. And James’ fine sense of humor.

    Always clever, sincere, to the point and so very kind.
    With James it’s all – finesse-.

    I like how Michele Whaley expressed “walking amongst the giants”.
    That is how I feel about James. A TPRS giant. A true master.

  6. I echo all of the thoughts above. From the very first time you wrote on this blog, I knew you were special. You have a way of seeing things that cuts through the “you know what.” The fact that you are a kind human being, too, is what draws us all to you. Thanks for being here. I always look forward to your frank observations.

  7. Your kindness radiates as does your intense passion for Latin and for your students! Congratulations!!! You may not feel like it at the end of the day (or maybe you do!!) but you are indeed a trailblazer.

    with love,

  8. It’s amazing the thoughtfulness you put into your craft, James, while running an entire Latin program AND being a father. You definitely set the bar high… which involves how much you give and share to us, your colleagues.

    I’m grateful to pause and celebrate you!

  9. I echo what the others have said, James. You are definitely deserving of the honor. If you ever do a Fluency Fast Latin class, I want to be there.

  10. James, am I glad I’m perusing the blog tonight and found this post!!
    I’d want to be a parrot and repeat what everyone has said here but I won’t.
    So I’ll just congratulate you on this well deserved honor.

    You and all the Latinists doing this work are just simply amazing!

    Enjoy and cheers!

  11. Congrats, James!

    I needed some inspiration one day last week during a planning period so I re-watched one of your videos. My favorite part was when (in Latin!) you redirected your students to look at the teacher. You redirected attention in Latin! Also, you went over your ordre du jour before beginning class, which inspired me to be a tad more organized.

    I’d like to echo what Robert said – I hope to learn Latin one day, but I would particularly love to do it with you teaching a fluency fast class!

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