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Many here know that for our views on best practices Tina and I are no longer allowed on the iFLT list. On top of that, Michael Kundrat – the moderator of the moretprrs list, won’t publish our summer workshop schedule there. No reason given.

Fine. I’ll post it here and we will post it on the CI Liftoff page. The actual (updated – we added a few more) schedule was published here yesterday. Some additional details from Tina:

Lately I have been very busy getting ready for the summer.  Ben and I are super excited about meeting people all over the place this summer.  I’ve never been to so many cities in such a short time in my life!

I wanted to apprise people of the fact that the price for our series of two-day trainings in July and August this summer will increase from $200 to $275 on June 5.

Here is the link to read more about the trainings and register.

We recently added two new locations – Sheffield Village, Ohio in August 4-5 and the Twin Cities area in Minnesota on August 21-22.  We are excited to announce that Grant Boulanger will be co-presenting at the Minnesota workshop.

The early price for Minnesota will increase from $200 t0 $275 on July 1 since it was just now added to the schedule.  The Ohio training on August 4-5 has special early discounts of $175 through June 5, $200 till July 10, and $275 after that.

We have also added an optional third day to the Chicago and Minnesota workshops, on Starting the Year and Cycles of Instruction and Assessment.  The cost is $90 if you take the two-day workshop and $125 as a stand-alone workshop.  The dates of this workshop are Saturday, July 29 in Chicago and Wednesday, August 23 in Minnesota.

We recently finalized the schedule for the Cascadia CI Conference in Portland, OR.  Here is a link to that.  We have, in my mind, a fantastic lineup of presenters, demonstration teachers, and coaches.  We have an Equity Strand and a Beginners Strand, and we will also be making videos of the presenters that will be available to attendees through an online course that you can access for as long as you want after the conference, so that you can see the content of sessions that you missed.  More information and registration is available here.  We also added a block of rooms at the Shilo Inn in Beaverton, OR for $124 per night.  We have king and double queen rooms available at that rate and will be running shuttles to the conference from there.  This rate is available the nights of June 25-July 1.

If you have any logistical questions on getting out here for the conference, including payments/scholarships/work-trade, please contact me.

Happy summer or almost-summer to you all,




15 thoughts on “Summer Workshop Information”

  1. The new workshop segment (two hours to begin our summer workshops) that Tina has created, the “Cycles of Instruction and Assessment” is in my view THE most exciting thing of the summer. Why?

    Because for the first time ever in my own experience at summer conferences (neither Tina nor I will be at iFLT or NTPRS this year, by the way) we are going to learn how to align what we do in the classroom with a curricular document that lays out the whole year in a scope and sequence format that can be handed to an administer.

    I find that very exciting. We can now slay the alignment bear and let it rest, or at least wound it and send it back to its cave, so we can go about our business of providing high quality CI to our students and not have to fight so much with unknowing people.

    1. This is great news to hear, and I am definitely looking forward to that part! I have had a hard time fighting this year justifying and defending what I am doing in the classroom vs. what was done last year with some crazy 2nd year parents who aren’t happy with the “switch” to CI. It has been exhausting and disheartening and definitely an emotional drain. I am SO READY FOR SUMMER and in desperate need of a break!

      1. Ryann I should have said this in March but I remember that for my last five years in the harness I would consciously begin to relax in early March. I knew that at that point there was nothing I could do to change the feeling of mild hopelessness that came rolling in like a green fog into the hallways of the building each spring.

        I would consciously walk at half speed everywhere in the building. My internal mantra was, “If you can’t beat them join them.” I do not remember any evaluations or even observations going on after April. The admins are all thinking about next year, half are leaving, and so early March is a great time to begin summer vacation.

        Tina is writing something very important actually this week about how our work aligns with WHAT IS SAID IN THE STANDARDS if not in the curriculum (which is usually just a reflection of the textbook), but on top of that she is writing something else -m a “what to do in May” list of options and, as a former social studies teacher, she has the end of the year project game down pat.

        Last week she said to me, “Have you ever seen a social studies teacher actually work in the spring? I haven’t. They sit there at their desks and check off boxes and enjoy a cup of coffee or soda or iced tea all spring long. It’s social studies project time!” Now we are going to get guidelines on how to do that in spring. OR we could try to do some stories with the little lovelies. Hmmmm. I guess I’ll pick (a).

      2. It really sucks when you have to fight and justify and defend. Sorry you had to go through that this year, Ryann. It looks like you are still standing, though!

  2. Many here know that for our views on best practices Tina and I are no longer allowed on the iFLT list. On top of that, Michael Kundrat – the moderator of the moretprrs list, won’t publish our summer workshop schedule there. No reason given.

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    1. Thank you Russ. Tina and I have spent more time than we have discussing why we can’t get some advertising for our workshops on the moralist [sic]*. And why we can’t get on the iFLT list? Other people get to advertise their summer trainings on there. From Michael we really got no answer. It was kind of like, “If I ignore them maybe they’ll go away.”

      *autocorrect on this computer seems to have a psychic side to it. Has the morelist become a moralist entity?

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