Story Scripts 3 by Anne Matava

OK all you Matava script fans….Story Scripts Volume 3 is finally here. Give me four days or so to get it listed in the pages as an ebook and Anne is making it available in hard back form as well. Anne says there are more home run stories in this volume than in the two previous volumes combined!

Other details:

(1) This volume also includes Anne’s opinion of the top ten scripts from her first two volumes. Can you guess which script she rates as #1 overall? (It’s listed below so if you are guessing don’t scroll down yet until you’ve thought about what might be the #1 best Matava script of all time.)

(2) Another addition to this volume is Appendix D – a detailed description of how to use a story script to create a story with your students.

Here is the Table of Contents to this collection:

Table of Contents – Story Scripts 3

Preface 4
Introduction 5

Story Scripts for First and Second Year Students

You in the Corner! 7
The Long Distance Relationship 8
She Didn’t Want to Vacuum 9
The Famous Artist 10
The Soccer Player 11
Everyone is Making Fun of Me 12
I Don’t Speak the Language 13
I Can’t Concentrate 14
Time Travel 15
Skydiving 16
Mother May I? 17
How Do I Look? 18
The Handyman 19
Laundry Day 20
Not Now, Sorry! 21
Disappointed 22
Let Me Drive! 23
St. Nikolaus Day 24
The Boring Kiss 25
The Clumsy Guy 26
The Babysitter 27
What’s Happening in There? 28
Cleaning Day 29
The Collector 30
The Mall Cop 31
The Driving Test 32

Story Scripts for Advanced Students

Food Allergies 33
The Woman of His Dreams 34
The Fashion Police 35
Embarrassed in Public 36
Forgetful 37
Hiccups 38
The Joker 39
Tourist Attractions 40
The Builder 41

Top Ten Scripts of Volumes 1-2

#10 Who’s Paying? 42
#9 The Hotel Room (formerly: The Dirty Room 43
#8 We Warned Him (formerly: Don’t Drink the V-8!) 44
#7 The Baby Story 45
#6 He Brought a Girl Home 46
#5 The Neighbors Saw Everything 47
#4 The Refrigerator Story 48
#3 Lazy 49
#2 He Talks Too Much 50
#1 Afraid of the Package 51


Appendix A: Starting the Year 52
Appendix B: The Questionnaire 53
Appendix C: How to Script a Story 54
Appendix D: How to Use a Story Script to Create a Story 57



12 thoughts on “Story Scripts 3 by Anne Matava”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to checking it. I think Appendix D is going to be very helpful for me since I’m new to all this.

    1. Josh I wrote a long long response here then I remembered that if I have so much to say and it is starting to be about a different topic, I should put it in the forum…so I made a response to you under Adult Ed in the General Discussion.



  3. I might add that getting a book out of Anne, speaking of the Tooth Fairy, is like pulling teeth. I am asking her for this book since six years now since Volume 2. She is a perfectionist and this volume is chock full of heavily tested very strong and funny stories from her classes in Maine. I will start asking her for Volume 4 now.

  4. Ruth I will admit that this verbal construction in French has always been at the center of my inner grammar heart ever since I was a young high school 4%er at Culver Military Academy. It’s so French!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can start being more active on here, too. A few years back, I was commenting on every single post. Now we’re lucky if I pop in every few months.

  5. Is this available for purchase yet? I’ve not seen it up on the e books page. Just trying to get prepared for the school year since we start on August 15th. 🙂 Looking forward to going back to work after a two year hiatus.

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