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Carol Hill (chill) sends this link:

If you use music in your class, you may be interested in this link. The ideas are for ESL but adaptable. Enjoy.



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  1. I saw Sabrina this summer at iFLT teach a room of kids all the major body parts with “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” in French. Awesome. I am doing it tomorrow with my level 1s and my level 2s have already made some progress with it. You can transition easily to “touch your nose,” etc., and then to Simon Says. Great TPR mix-in.

  2. I thought I would share a song with my level 3s and 2s today, to mix things up from CWB and auditory discussion. Well it went alright with the 3s, but with the one class of 2s there were 3 boys who display negative attitudes to begin with and it really ticks me off. You would have thought I was giving them a test on this song. They could not just sit back and “enjoy” listening to a song (which by the way was 1/2 English and 1/2 German). I had a cloze made up and the blanks were words they have all “had” before. I even gave a word bank after listening to it once for the second listen.

    What was the problem?
    – These few kids are energy draining no matter what.
    – The cloze was too difficult for level 2 (even with a word bank – words like love, alone, together, where, are, not, more, time).
    – The other unknown words in the song made it to difficult to fill in the cloze (I did not preteach any vocab for this).

    We circled words/lines that rhymed together, after the cloze.
    Then we watched the song video.

    I have no delusions that this is CI or really leads to acquiring language. I just thought I would “gift” them with a “break” and songs are interesting in regards to the culture. I was thinking level 3s might enjoy a new song every other week, so by the end of the year, they’ve heard and watched about 20 different artists. Maybe I wrongly assumed level 2 would like this too…

    Ugh. Just disappointed.

  3. oh no — songs DEFINITELY ARE great for acquisition!! I started doing a song a week last year – each day (we used to meet everyday before this year). Today I gave a pre-assessment FREE WRITE (thank you for the idea Skip!!!!) I told them to just WRITE – I don’t care what they write — they could just write lists of words like colors, numbers, etc (Novice Low) or they could write sentences. One girl that I had last year, wrote “El sol está brillando” (Laurie Clarcq….You know what song THAT comes from! hahaha!!! Thanks for giving me that song!) I was blown away! Their writing was SO good – all of them in my Level 3. All of them had me before except one — she came from another school, and she only wrote lists of words and her spelling was off – and she is a heritage speaker! That convinced me that what I am doing is right. (but I thought I was not doing it right, because so many kids at the end of year said that they didn’t learn anything at all!) Now I know they DID! and now I am holding on to these pre-assessments until June when I give a post-assessment, so they cannot tell me they didn’t learn – I’ll have proof!) 🙂

  4. I also do one song per week and use it for the daily warm-up in different ways. On Fridays, we have a poll ( and they rate the song from 1-10. I keep a list of the ratings in a “Hitparade” file and at the end of the year, we have the “song of the year”. Anyway, the kids told me in an (anonymous) end-of-year questionnaire that one of the most helpful/preferred things for them to learn German was the weekly song.
    So, I’m definitely sticking with that, too.

    1. Mary-Fred Bausman-Watkins

      My first post here as a new TPRS teacher. We are a three person German department moving this way all together this year, and heading off to our second training (Blaine for two days) in two weeks. We all see kids for the first time on Monday – construction delays. But we have big new classrooms and tables on wheels, so can get them out of the way. And have talked about songs, but none of really know how to do CI with music. I would love to know what CI warm up activities with music like. I hate giving up my old warm ups, but they were definitely not CI focused. Monday will be a stretch for the three of us and our 400 odd German students.

  5. No problem, I just started putting the sheets/packets that I hand out on Monday on Google docs. Therefore it would be really easy to share them with if you give me your e-mail addresses. Also, if I share the whole folder with you, you would get the new one I make each week (I can’t really reuse the ones from last year, because I have those same kids again in level 3 and I’m planning on using the same weekly song with my level2 as well).

  6. Dear Leah,
    Don’t worry!! The “too cool’ kids are not going to jump up and love anything out loud. :o) It is just who they are right now. Accept that it isn’t about you, it’s them, and hang in there!

    MB is right…songs are amazing…but not every song “takes” right away. When I was out last year, my sub taught them a great song (Todo Vuelve by Axel). My first day back they ALL complained about the song… they heard it too many times, how they hated the cloze activities she had them do, how it was the worst song they’d heard in three years…etc. etc. So I didn’t play it. About three weeks later, I slipped it in while they were doing some quiet work and they all started singing it!!!! LOL In every class several students told me it was one of their favorites. After that they started requesting it. :o) You just never really know.

    with love,
    where el sol esta brillando hoy!!!

  7. Thanks everyone! I guess I’ll try another song next week and see what happens. I definitely think the “too cool” attitude is some of the issue.

    Brigitte – I would LOVE an email of all those songs that you were talking about! lturne at (There is no r at the end of my last name). Much appreciated.

  8. I do a song every week, but I do it really low-key. First day we watch the video, then listen to it with the lyrics I type up (left column Spanish, right column English). Then everyday at the beginning of class, we listen to the song again (no video) and follow along. Some days I say follow the English, some the Spanish. I encourage them to sing along, but don’t make them. Then on Fridays, we have an easy song quiz, sometimes asking about what certain lyrics mean, sometimes cloze while listening, never tricky. Most kids tell me the song part of class is their favorite. The most difficult for me is finding songs that have appropriate videos, I like to let them watch the video first to hook them.

  9. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    My students LOOOVED this song and video. (BTW, I got into the habit of copying the youtube URL at the top of the (projected) song sheet, so that I could circle the lyrics and easily go to the clip.
    Later, when the junior high needed to teach the future with ‘voy a + infinitive’ [i.e., I’m going to + verb) I sent them this cuz that structure is repeated a TON. Those kids loved it, too!
    So, here’s the youtube clip of:

    Marc Anthony singing, “Vivir Mi Vida:”

    And here it is with music/just the lyrics onscreen:

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