Scotty Jimenez

Scotty Jimenez teaches high school Spanish in Oxford, MS. He shared with Tina and I at our recent St. Louis workshop that he’s wrapping up his tenth year of teaching and apparently has done it all – six years of traditional teaching out of a big name publisher textbook and three and a half years of TPRS.

He’s now teaching with the Invisibles and is a CI rock star! I was surprised to learn in St. Louis that he had already churned through our new book A Natural Approach to Stories before Tina and I had even sent it off to be published, having received the upgrade from the first version of the book (TPRS – The Easy Way).

Scotty even brought with him some of his own students’ Invisibles along with some video footage of an Invisible story in action. What I love about Scotty was that he is taking Invisibles and putting his own personal spin on it. As teachers, we all have our own personal styles and flair that help us reach out to kids in a variety of ways.

Scotty says: “The Invisibles are merely an easier and more pertinent tool to put the focus back on the KIDS and relieve the stress of prepping and planning using targeted structures.”

Check out his videos on his YouTube channel at Senor Mississippi.



4 thoughts on “Scotty Jimenez”

  1. I watched an interesting video where Scotty Jimenez has his students audition their characters for an Invisible story. After choosing the character he talks fast in Spanish. As I don’t speak Spanish, I was wandering how he gets them to respond together in Spanish to some of his questions. I assume it must be an advanced class and the questions refer to things that have come up during the English auditioning.
    Perhaps someone could explain this to me?

    1. Udo, thanks for the question!

      This year I have all Spanish 1. However, the introductory questions are ones that we have repped ALL YEAR LONG, so almost all students are very comfortable with those questions. The questions include basic introductory topics plus some of the topics we covered during auditions.

      Basic intro questions
      What is there?
      What’s his/her name?
      Where does it live?
      How old is it?

      Audition/Background information questions
      What is it scared of?
      What’s his favorite food?
      Does it have a family?
      Does it have a job? What?

      The background information I require is seen in my “Creating Invisibles” video:

  2. Thank you, Scotty, for your quick reply!
    Actually I wasn’t only interested in your talking fast and them obviously comprehending your questions but also how come they answered fluently in chorus? I realized though, that later on you had to wait for someone to answer and there was some hesitation. If you would tell me about these parts as well, it would be really helpful.
    And you can be sure, I’ll go on watching your videos. Also bc in spite of my not speaking the language ( I’ve started a self-learning course several times but I keep repeating the first few chapters), I’ve been in love with Spanish for a long time bc how it sounds. It’s music to my ears and while watching those videos I understood a couple of words bc you sometimes went slowly enough even for me.

    Thanks again!

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