Well anybody in NJ or NY or anywhere up there – how are you?



20 thoughts on “Sandy”

  1. Just heard from CHill in NJ. She’s fine–no internet, no power, no trees crashed through her roof. The coast got it the worst, but she’s ok.

    1. Thanks to all for your concern. It’s amazing to think that 20 minutes from me there are communities that have been wiped out. Internet finally back was without electric overnight and no school again tomorrow due to widespread power outages.

  2. How about Maine? Those spinners go around the top so anything north of Atlantic City got the bad part of the spin where it had the most force. That could affect our Mainers. I know that two members live right there on the Maine coast.

  3. Not too bad here in Portland. Not compared to further south. Only 3 schools closed and lots of people without power. We had school today and the sun was even out this morning. Wind was fierce last night, though.

  4. My neck of NH is fine. Widespread power outages, road closings and rivers rising. Over 200 schools closed. We actually had two (2!) days off. Wind was raging all day yesterday and rain was steady although we’ve had worse. The basement did not flood! Miraculously we have not (yet) lost power, but friends 10 mins away did, as did lots of folks south of here. Miracle for us bc we lose power frequently, even when there is no storm. Total surprise to have electricity. Go figure.

  5. I heard from Skip’s wife. They are fine, no damage, but power outages. School is closed again tomorrow for a lot of schools in the area. The coastal regions were harder hit. I can’t even get in touch with friends in Rockland County (just north or NYC) Cell towers and all electric are out…

    with love,

  6. My NYC friends are not responding. I’m hoping it’s just because they’re holed up w/o electricity and waiting for the flood waters to recede. Incredible.

    1. Hope you’ve heard from your friends by now. It is so hard when you know that everybody is waiting for word from you and you can’t do anything about it because there is no power, no phone, no internet signals.

  7. My only concern is not having heard from Kate Legere on that island off the coast of Maine – I think they are safe way up there but she is on an island. And of course Jennifer in Hackettstown, NJ – we heard from chill and that is great but not from her. I think Jen was pretty much in a very bad line with Sandy.

    1. Hey Ben et. al.,

      I love you guys! I really sincerely mean it. My pocket of Hackettstown just got power back an hour ago. Make that a total of THREE days and nights without it. I just took the most beautiful lukewarm shower. Everyone around us was starting to get power back and I was still using a pot on the gas stove (thank God for that) to steam the lower floor. No property damage and everyone in my family (immediate and extended) are fine. My parents in PA had some siding torn off the side of the house but who really cares?

      Tree limbs are down here and there is a gas crisis but I think most of us are better than our poor southern New Jerseyans… Seeing the news for the first time and I could cry hearing about the loss of life and home. I’m so so sorry. The outpouring of love and generosity from my community members is the best thing to come out of this bitch called Sandy: offers to shower at their places and notices where bags of ice could be found, etc.

      I missed you guys. Haven’t had work at all this week. None tomorrow and who knows about Monday…. The fuel situation is very uncertain. I’m fine, lets pray for those poor souls by the beaches that don’t even know what day it is….

      1. So glad to hear from you, Jennifer – everybody was worried. Assuming we hear from Kate soon, it looks like we’re all accounted for.

        1. Oh that’s great if all of us are accounted for. I’m sure both Kate and Jody’s friends are doing exactly what she said: they’re holed up and waiting until power returns. That’s what I did.

          On an upside, I have enough batteries to light up Rockefeller center and Progresso soup to start my own soup kitchen. It’s incredible what we take for granted, how quickly the hand moves to flick a switch and even though we have advanced as a human race in times like these we go back to the beginning: I need water, I need food, I need shelter, I need beer…

    1. Chill,

      I had all intentions of returning your call to discuss a meet up during convention. So much for that now since it has been cancelled. My apologies for not responding sooner. I’m so glad you’re ok. What a relief!

  8. Well that ain’t good. The eye of Sandy must have gone right through there, but – I’m just guessing from what I’ve read, around the top side of the eye, where the worst winds were, above Atlantic City. I spent a night in which the eye of Hurricane Hugo (1988) battered South Carolina. Not fun. When the eye went through it was like someone hit a switch and the hurricane was gone, at once it was a starlit beautiful night, only to return with 100+ winds a half hour later. The motel next to us woke up without a roof and not a single car in the lot in Florence, SC had a window left. They all exploded.

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