Here are some recent reviews of the Ultimate CI training course starting next weekend:

Rated 5 out of 5

Marko MAY 18, 2021

Ben Slavic’s STAR Is The Modern Foreign Language Teacher’s Dream Come True And It Is Nothing Less Than A Paradigm Shift In Our Field. His methodology has taken SLA research and distilled it down into a practical approach that is easy to follow and makes language instruction enjoyable and equitable for all students. Since the training with Ben and the original zoom group, I’ve successfully turned what would have been an uncertain start to the year into an Amazing and fun learning experience for me as well as for my students. The STAR and the methodology of journeying around it proved to be a blessing for all!!!”

-Marko Sanden NTCI High School Spanish Teacher and creator of FluencyFox

Rated 5 out of 5

Tanya APRIL 2, 2021

“This training course is Amazing. Ben takes his time and make sure that you understand the information. He will not move on unless he knows that everyone is on the same page. I learned so much and feel much more confident to use comprehensible input in my classroom. I am thankful for this training.”

-Tanya Foster

Rated 5 out of 5

Amy APRIL 3, 2021

“So much fun! You need the book and the class to get the maximum CI experience. Ben is fun and funny. Sign up for the course, read your homework in advance, and get ready to work. You Really can teach with CI—Ben will walk you through it.”

-Amy Pierce

Ben Slavic APRIL 4, 2021

“Thanks for the plug, Amy. I agree. We can do CI. It only took me 20 years to un-peel the CI onion, but you and your group did it so much faster because of the StarChart™, which is a real breakthrough in CI pedagogy and a perfect way to present CI to teachers who are serious about mastering it.”

Rated 5 out of 5

Jesús APRIL 5, 2021

“I highly recommend all the materials and courses created by Mr. Slavic. Any teacher, regardless of their experience or professional background, will benefit from Ben’s approach to teaching with Comprehensible Input. Believe me, you won’t want to do something different once you get to know the StarChart™.”

-Jesús Horacio Báez 

Rated 5 out of 5

Kristen MAY 12, 2021

“I am so happy that I took this course. Because of how well I thought it prepared me for teaching this method, I immediately signed up for and took the Book 2 course as well. I am very pleased with how confident I feel after having taken this course. Before, I read books on CI and watched videos and did lots of other research, but it was not until I took this class that I really understood how to use it in the classroom; and I also got the confidence I needed to take that leap — a scary leap if you have been teaching in a more traditional method. Ben is a kind soul who cares about your learning. After you experience his method over and over, class after class, you begin to really understand what everything means. This class is so reasonably priced, it’s easy to take.”

-Kristen Allen

Rated 5 out of 5

Marie MAY 12, 2021

“Recomiendo muchísimo la inversión de tiempo y de costo de este curso a todo profesional que esté relacionado al campo de los idiomas.

Marie S. C. 
(“Participé del mismo en el verano del 2020. El prof. Ben Slavic cuenta con un dominio extraordinario en esta materia.”)

Rated 5 out of 5

Alexander MAY 13, 2021

“The course gave me the perfect road map in teaching language this year in spite of my working for a state school (I’m in Russia) where the syllabi have been strictly stuck to textbook thematic curricula. A clear understanding of categories has been serving me well to unload my day off from pointless lesson plannings.

Thank you for your dedication, Ben!”

-Alexander Hamuev 

Rated 5 out of 5

Rebecca MAY 13, 2021

“I happened to be in the right place at the right time last summer and was invited in to Ben’s pilot course to develop this program. I was new to CI, and took a lot of notes at every session. This past year I changed up my instruction and materials to incorporate what I had learned and my classes (university level Latin) were so much more enjoyable for me and for my students. Here are comments from students who e-mailed me just to say how much they enjoyed the course: “Latin used to be my least favorite subject in school, causing loads of stress …. However, after the first couple weeks, Latin became my favorite subject. This class has …has sparked a love for Latin I didn’t think I would ever have.” And another one: “I have truly enjoyed learning Latin …. I love your teaching style—you really made us feel proud when we got something right which made learning Latin fun and obtainable. Your approach to the course makes it easy for a student to fall in love with Latin especially because you center the class around learning rather than worrying over a grade.” I believe I would not have received these compliments if I hadn’t listened to Ben last summer and did what he said to do in a language course. For your students’ sake, learn how to teach the CI way. Ben will help you do that. He cares deeply about you and your students.”

-Rebecca Reneau

Ben Slavic MAY 13, 2021

“Rebecca thank you. I want to say that there have been many comments about the StarChart™ and the Ultimate CI approach, but this comment in particular is in my view (a) very welcome and (b) very subtle in what it conveys. There are layers to how you housed your words. At least that is what I read and since I spent the past five years writing these two books and developing the Star, I am in a kind of place of very deep appreciation for what you say above. I’m so glad to have helped you reach your Latin students in this way. It is really cool – one of those “made my day” things to have read in this bright and beautiful spring morning here in Colorado, where again there is hope for us in our miserable profession, and perhaps this time it may last. The bunnies staring at each other and jumping about in that odd way they do in my backyard tells me that something good is happening. Thank you again.”

Rated 5 out of 5

Ben MAY 14, 2021

“About ten years ago I read Ben’s classic books PQA in a Wink and TPRS in a Year. They inspired me to really reach for my students through this wonderful contact we have with them in our language classes, changed my teaching life and made it much more connected and fun. Learning to use the StarChart™ sequence with Ben last summer helped me go into the fall with a sense of possibility instead of dread, and it actually worked out! Moving from Cards to OWI to ICI and beyond… it wasn’t great to be on Zoom 24/7 but there was creativity and laughter and engagement and accountability. Thank you Ben, for helping me have the interactive and satisfying teaching career I always wanted but didn’t really know was possible.”

-Ben Lev

Rated 5 out of 5

Sonya MAY 17, 2021

“Ben’s take on pedagogy, and classroom management (Yes, even online!) mixed with his strict adherence to the Krashen research on CI is a definite draw in my opinion because people like me are not just looking for the quick and easy fix for today. Your Star Chart is a sustainable and complete system and I look forward to proving this to myself and others throughout my teaching years. This week, I effortlessly stepped into teaching my classes online as things had just changed in our school district.”Thank you!

-Sonya Lacharité

Rated 5 out of 5

Alexander MAY 23, 2021

“The StarChart™ makes the CI instruction an easy to manage process. The Star sequence curriculum is an elaborate system where new words and structures are evenly distributed among the Star phases, ensuring vast amounts of repetitions without boredom. On the other hand, Ben’s approach makes language teaching enjoyable and stress-free.
After taking this course I’m firmly convinced that the StarChart is a must-have tool that both teacher and student will greatly benefit from.
Thank you, Ben!”

-Alexander Nechaev 



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