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Zach Al Moreno just shared an insight with me:
“Once you get into this stuff, there is no correct order to it. You can do anything at any time.”
He went on to provide an example: PQA doesn’t have to be done as a Step 1 procedure. You can start with a story and then get a reading from it and then PQA the reading.
Good insight!



3 thoughts on “PQA Insight”

    1. …It’s so simple; it’s genius….
      I agree completely Claire that it’s genius. It’s almost as if, in the way that religions form up around Truth, confusing strategies have formed up around the stunning simplicity of the Three Steps of TPRS.
      As long as we have an auditory text like a story in one hand and, in the other, a reading that either precedes or (most of the time) follows it, we have the genius of TPRS. We scaffold sound through extensive repetitions and then they can read them and thereby understand the grammar that’s the basic program. The Three Steps have long been acclaimed here as sheer genius, and not because in my own mind I have thought about them and theorized that they are the best, but because for fifteen years I have hurtled them against the walls of my classroom to test their resilience, and they have always popped back into shape. Such are PQA, stories and readings. Those are the three very big and bad horses that I continually ride to happiness in my job every day. And they are, indeed, so simple. And on top of that they are Schmoo-like in their ability to reflect the varied personalities of each of us as individual teaching artists.
      HOWEVER, and this is a big however, most people can’t just grasp that simplicity without some kind of training wheels, hence the need for all the strategies, etc. and they all have names that appear to make the method complex but at their core are simple.
      It’s OK. People who are determined will learn it. Those meant to miss the (what in my mind is a) priceless jewell just won’t get it and will continue to hate their jobs instead of experiencing their classes, as has happened to me now that I have small classes of middle school kids, as the high point of my day here in India. I never thought I would ever say that last sentence when I was still teaching AP French lang and literature back in the day when I was sad beyond measure because my students couldn’t grasp the beauty of the pluperfect subjunctive.

  1. Yes, I need the training wheels and how! On the one hand, I understand the simplicity of CI but on the other hand, the different strategies and free-form nature of CI instruction continue to overwhelm me in this preliminary study and introductory phase (I didn’t start the year with CI). What daily targets to focus on? What, no planning? How much, how and when recycle? How to question without generating too much new vocabulary?
    But I am sticking with it and slowly bringing in new strategies with existing classes, with the goal of starting new quarter and semester classes with CI. (Am I overthinking it??)

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