Opportunity of the Year

I may have not made it clear but this space is also for job stuff, finding one, offering one, etc. I have been talking with Anne Matava – yes, THE Anne Matava – and she might be looking for a new position next year. And she might be willing to relocate. Nothing is for sure, but I told her I saw no reason not to make this information available to the PLC since she has that possible relocation (from Maine) option in there.

Now, if you are looking for an expert teacher in German or French then don’t wait! Contact her at:


Here is my letter of recommendation for her:

To Whom It May Concern:

As a professional presenter on second language acquisition, I have periodically worked in schools in New England. On one visit to the University of Southern Maine, I met a teacher named Anne Matava. A professional dialogue has resulted lasting years.

Anne’s students routinely place among the top ten in Maine on standardized tests like the National German Exam. Much of my ongoing dialogue with Anne about teaching, however, has focused on ways to reach ALL students in the classroom.

On my first visit to USM, it was arranged that Anne bring her entire class of German 4 students with her to allow me to more effectively demonstrate methods about language teaching to the seventy teachers in attendance.

As these were students of German, I was able to present a beginning French lesson to them. Working with Anne’s students in that workshop was one of the highlights of my career. Why? Anne had trained those students to be serious learners. Her students knew what it meant to work in an atmosphere of rigor, and yet, one in which fun prevailed. Everything that I was trying to convey about teaching to the group was far easier to convey with Anne’s students than had they not been there.

Following my French lesson that day, I asked Anne to model a short German lesson for us. What a class to watch! Students were speaking German at a high level of fluency. Each student was fully engaged. There was a lot of laughter and clearly a great rapport between Anne and her students.

Anne has published two story script books for teachers who use the target language in the classroom that are used in classrooms around the world. I have been told a few times by colleagues in other parts of the country that Anne’s books – their ability to engage students in the learning process – have revitalized their careers.

As a Fulbright Scholar, South Carolina Rockefeller finalist and AP French Language and Literature teacher of over 30 years, I give Anne Matava my absolute highest recommendation.

Please contact me at 303-995-0526 if you have any questions.


Benjamin J. Slavic
Denver Public Schools
Denver, CO



7 thoughts on “Opportunity of the Year”

  1. Well then you are going to have to fight with us because I am going in tomorrow to see if they will create a position for her in DPS, because we have the kids and our 100 teachers know her and use her materials and can learn from her. If Diana was the person to make the decision we would have made an offer by now, but it is up to the principals. I will be talking with everyone I know in the district. We definitely have the kids and the money in DPS to create this position. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so let the fight begin, oh Lord of the Northeast. We got some gnarly ass cowboys out here willing to fight for the best there is!

    1. If we had the financial means to relocate, I’d bring my family to the mountainous state of Colorado, CI headquarters of the world!

      But maybe ohio need folks like myself, Tamula, Jeff B, Teri Wiechart and Gary DiBianca. I’m enrolling in a doctoral program next spring, by the way.

      1. Hey Chris, did you get my emails? I hope I didn’t say anything wrong, but if I did, please let me know, it wasn’t intentional, so probably a cultural misunderstanding.

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