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Beth is new to the group – welcome, Beth! – and asks this great question. I hope we can provide some concrete answers:

Hi Ben,

I’m so excited that I finally got subscribed to your blog today. I have been using TPRS for over 15 years. We haven’t had textbooks for that long and I love it. Our school system has supported us by letting us use book rental to buy readers over the years. This year our school system went to ipads and they are now reluctant to buy readers.

They say that we should find online sources. I don’t believe that currently I can find great readers like we have from Blaine Ray or like we want to be purchasing from Carol Gaab online. Even if we found them online, I’d think they’d cost something. Do you know of any readers that are leveled for CI like those I mentioned online? I need to bring back research that I’ve found to my administrator. Or do you know of others that I should ask?   If there is something out there, I need to find it and the cost. If there isn’t anything out there online yet, I need to know that as well.


  • Beth Beery
  • Spanish teacher
  • Huntington North High School



6 thoughts on “Online Readers”

  1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

    Hi Beth, and welcome! We already have a Mary Beth but we call her Mb so no possible mix up here.

    Why don’t you try this site, it’s an online children’s library, with tons of Spanish books as well as other languages. May be you know it already.
    I don’t know how but my kids are able to access Blaine Ray’s books online. I’ll ask them how tomorrow and I’ll revert back to you. In the meantime here is the link:

    Nice to have you here!

  2. There is a teacher on the moretprs list that also has several “novels” published on line. We can put in a request there and find out!! Welcome Beth!!

    with love,

    1. Sabrina Sebban-janczak

      Hi Laurie,

      Do you know what language those novels are in? Any in French?
      Let us know please, the more options we have , the better off we are.

      Thank you

  3. Thanks for the link Sabrina and yes, I’d be interested to know where your students find the books.
    Laurie, I will try to put a request on moretprs also. Thanks for the suggestion. And thanks, Ben, for publishing my question. I look forward to reading the blog!

    1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak


      when I asked them today they told me they just googled Pauvre Anne ( French version) and they got it but I tried and didn’t get far. I’ll have to have them show me , sorry I can’t be more helfpful tonight. I’ll have them show me on the computer tomorrow and I ‘ll follow up again.

  4. Beth,
    I experimented last year with LingQ :
    I mainly gave students the choice of what they would be reading, a bit like an online FVR. The readings are quite diverse and there are a lot of authentic ressources, and you can upload your own. That was the main homework I would give my classes. I loved the fact that they could see their progress: as they learned new words, those were added to the pool of words they already knew.
    I had contacted some people at LingQ to set up classes but I could not afford the price they were asking. So, I would simply ask students to take a screen shot of their avatar and progress page and email it to me for credit. I got a little dishearted because some students were obviously faking it, and haven’t used it this year. I still think that it fits quite nicely with the spirit of TPRS and comprehensible input but I need to rethink the best way to use it. If anyone out there has any ideas on good ways to use that website, I would also be very interested to know.
    I hope that helps Beth.

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