Looking Forward

I suppose we should put our attention to next week. Lesson plans and all that. What we want to spend time on for the rest of the year. I know that most of us who teach levels one and two will pretty much continue to hammer the listening and reading CI in the form of stories and readings, plus novels, for the rest of the year.

We should note that even the best level one classes definitely experience some burnout in April. This is something that we have learned over the past few years from lots of teachers. It is a kind of syndrome – spring burnout on stories. So, if it happens to you, don’ t think you are alone.

The standardized testing in March smashes their desire to learn, and even teachers at the level of Anne Matava have told me that the kids just won’t get into stories after April. Something to think about. I will be posting options to that here, as well, so that we are prepared when it starts to happen.

If you want to share here what you are planning for next week, to give people ideas, please do that here as comments.



5 thoughts on “Looking Forward”

  1. No stories past April, the burnout phase. I wonder if that’s when it’s time to focus our efforts hard on the novels. CI and create stories with them till the burn out then put the majority of the novel on the table. Back off a bit so story creation is novel, then finish the novel and finish the year.
    Sounds like a semester plan for me.

    I have been hearing bits about Extr@ on the TPRS listserv. I checked it out on You Tube. There is one for French Spanish and German. Does anyone use Extr@ now in their CI classes? I might fool around with it in level 1.

    1. I used novels and prep most of the time after spring break (ours was first week of April) and also included music and Spanish children’s books on Fridays. I didn’t feel like I had the energy for stories then, myself.

    2. We’ve used EXTRA with our high school students for several years now. The kids love it. There is a lot of repetition, but in order to be really comprehensible it helps to “pre-load’ them with some of the structures.

      Our middle schoolers enjoy the game show “TOP!” which also comes in several languages.

      with love,

    3. I use Extr@ with my level IIs through discoveryeduction since my district pays for it. We watch an episode every couple of weeks. The kids love it because they can relate to the characters and the content, and most of all, because they can understand it. Usually, I don’t stop the show while we watch it, unless there is a really pertinent question from somebody. These shows are a great springboard for discussion and PQA. I love them!!

  2. I started Extr@ with my level 1s today. They were hooked with the first joke: “I want to sleep with you” instead of “I want to stay with you.”
    “Sr. Hiben, what are you showing us?!” Ha. Love it.
    I created 4 reading assignments for the first episode and frontloaded a lot of the vocab. So far, so good. We will see how this goes using the schedule Extr@/Pobre Ana/CI Story on a rotating cycle.
    Thanks for the advice Laurie and Brigitte.

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