More Good News from Chicago!

I got this from Alisa today:
Sean Lawlor and family just bought the house next-door to mine! He and his wife are teachers; my husband and I are teachers. Can you say summer BBQ?
Now that is a good way to work on our mental health in this difficult new field we work in – just move in next door to a CI colleague! It’s cool also because Sean and Alisa have a combined presence here in our PLC community of at least 10, maybe 15 years. When we have community, we have everything!



14 thoughts on “More Good News from Chicago!”

    1. 2 of Alisa’s CI colleagues in her school district also live in our village of Skokie. After the arrival of Trump, you started to see signs on my people’s homes here, “Skokie welcomes everyone.” As Skokie is inclusive so is our CI practice!

  1. The new home is perfect (aside from some plumbing issues, lol), facing a park with an aquatic center (and zero-depth pool)! And Alisa’s home is right next door. I never would have imagined. I mean, I knew Alisa lived in Skokie, but it’s not the smallest of suburbs. And then the other day I was walking my 3 year old, Isaiah, to the playground and here came Alisa trekking back from the community center across the way, using a little pathway between the tennis courts and a parking lot that only me and my neighbor would use. “What are you doing here!?” She had me and Isaiah visit her lovely home when we returned from the playground that evening. She served us lentil soup and her son gave Isaiah a large, yellow dump truck to play with. Now I don’t know who wants more to go back for another visit, me or Isaiah!

  2. I’ve been to Alisa’s beautiful home. I’m so happy for both of you. What a treat!!!! I’m moving schools – not houses as I cannot afford another house in Portland without time traveling back 16 years to when we bought this little place – to work with my great pal and fellow PLC member Elena Overvold!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!
    Also I’ll be working half time and teaching ESOL. So I will have every other day off.
    I was talking to Steven Ordiano on the phone last night and we were talking about how CI is exploding these days. If you’ve been at this work for more than like four years at this point you’re a wizened old mage. I cannot imagine the CI power that’s about to be unleashed upon the world with you two living beside each other. Congratulations!!!
    And what an awesome neighborhood!!!

    1. Great to hear, Tina, that you’re making a move to balance out your interests and things. Sounds great. And I look forward to seeing what you develop as an ESOL teacher as it will most likely help me as a Spanish heritage teacher.

  3. What’s amazing about Tina is not only that she has made such an impact on our profession but also, because of her eclectic nature (she is an educator and not just a language educator) has the potential to greatly impact other aspects of education as well. The ESOL piece is only one of such areas her ideas will impact. I can’t believe I get to work with her.

    1. What’s amazing about Ben is that he is more than an educator, but a person with a mission to bring more heart and acceptance and love into the world. If he had become a sanitation worker, he would have picked up the garbage and left positive vibes behind. And if he had become a doctor, he would have healed much more than people’s bodies, but also helped them along in their heart journey through his work with them. I am glad that he became a teacher like me, so that I can work with him, and help him along in his mission to bring more joy, ease, love, and equity into our work with the precious children who have a tough task ahead of them – to see this planet through the most critical period of tine for humanity that we know has ever existed.

  4. Thank you Tina. For me our profession has not been about better teaching as much as it has been about how to teach in a way that helps make better (to me that means happier) people. May God bless us in our work to lighten the path of even one of our students. That would be a life well lived. I do believe that many teachers go into the profession because, if one were to really think about it, there are few people who suffer as much as children. This is a good reason to go into a profession.

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