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Hi Ben,
Q. I started OWI with my classes and we did Write and Discuss with two of the reading options, questions from the back of the room and I’m moving to story. In the book A Natural Approach to Stories I see the 7 questioning levels. Do you suggest I follow all of them, including the actors in front of the class?
A. Yes. If you want to skip any of them of course you can since there are no rules in this work. But I very carefully tested those specific questions for a long time and they bring the best story so I strongly suggest you do them all. The fact is, the system is so tight, but I think that some people want to not follow what it says in the book exactly, with less power in the story. That, of course is just my opinion. I won’t do the town meeting as I have a small amount of students.



5 thoughts on “Mila – Question 1”

  1. Hi Ben!
    I am not sure how to post or share a document, and this is the closest I got! I have a really good google slide presentation about crepes because today is national crepe day in France. Here is the link:
    But where can I share things like this in the future?
    It is based of of this Spanish game idea:

    1. Hi Mademoiselle and anybody else who wants to post an article or ask a question just send them to me at benslavic @ yahoo dot com and I will post them as articles. We’ve been getting some pretty good questions lately. Thanks!

  2. Jolene Twombly-Wiser

    Hello All,
    I’m new to teaching French this year at the middle school level after teaching ELA for about 15 years. I majored in French 20 years ago, so this has been a real trip- and mainly a fun one! 🙂
    I need to lean on your expertise. I’m in a unique situation in that I only have my middle schoolers for six weeks. What would you recommend as being the most important things for them to experience?
    I’m just learning about TCI; I attended the conference in Maine in October and joining this community was recommended by Ann Matava. I bought her “97 TPRS Story Scripts” and want to try that strategy.
    What resource is the best one for a newbie to TCI on a limited budget? What would you choose to offer students with only six weeks? My goal is for them to have a positive experience that leaves them wanting more.
    Thank you for reading and considering my questions-all suggestions are very much appreciated! I’m finding foreign language can be a lonely world in the middle school setting, as I am the only FL teacher here.

    1. Hi Jolene! Welcome to Ben’s Blog. Check out the search bar on the right for many discussions and treasures galore.
      There are many things you can do with six weeks. I teach middle school myself as well. First, I would do Card Talk. This will train the students with Ben’s Classroom Rules. This is a training exercise. It doesn’t matter how much French you get through. Go Real slow and at every infraction, you must pause and point to the rule. Smile to those who are doing good. I like using Ben’s “Applaudissez!” and train kids to applaud the very first successes of students. You want to create buy-in by listening to kids’ hobbies, likes, dislikes etc…
      After Card Talk you can dive into many different strategies. Scripts are good when you have the story skeleton internalized, Special Chair interviews work for me at my school, One Word Images also work too.

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