Mad World

Michael Andrews’ song Mad World poignantly describes something that kids experience in school every day:
I mention it here because we are in a unique position to change what Michael sings about.



4 thoughts on “Mad World”

  1. This is the only time I will contribute 80’s pop trivia to the list, I promise. The song Mad World was written and recorded by Tears For Fears on their album The Hurting. The overall theme of the album was really about the pain (physical and emotional) that kids experience and carry on into adulthood. Here’s what one of the band members says about the song: “It’s very much a voyeur’s song. It’s looking out at a mad world from the eyes of a teenager.”
    All this to reinforce Ben’s point.

  2. My defense is that when asked what I teach I always say “students” and never say “Spanish.” TPRS and CI methods have helped me do that far more effectively.
    I was also thinking about your recent post by Krashen where he says:
    “Compelling means that the input is so interesting you forget that it is in another language. It means you are in a state of “flow” (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). In flow, the concerns of everyday life and even the sense of self disappear – our sense of time is altered and nothing but the activity itself seems to matter. Flow occurs during reading when readers are “lost in the book” (Nell, 1988) or in the “Reading Zone” (Atwell, 2007). Compelling input appears to eliminate the need for motivation, a conscious desire to improve. When you get compelling input, you acquire whether you are interested in improving or not.”
    Haven’t we all experienced this? In that moment, I am certain that students feel like they are being put first. They are enjoying the moment. They are also feeling really good because they are understanding, contributing and enjoying themselves.

  3. And we are enjoying ourselves. I can’t imagine walking into a school building without putting that first. Well, I guess I can, but those days are over. Thank you Skip and I’ll see you in a few days.

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