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Many of us have been honored for our teaching in some way, as a Teacher of the Year (any level – district, state, region, etc., a Fulbright Award winner, etc. Many of us will be honored in the future, because of the force and grace of what we are doing now. Grant’s recent award as MN WL TOY for 2015-2016 makes me wonder if we could get a list going of those on the blog who have won awards for their teaching. So if you have won something, pls. put it in the comment field below. And send in information for other CI teachers who may not be members of this PLC. Off the top of my head are:
Bob Patrick
Come on, let’s make it a good complete list!



23 thoughts on “List of Honors”

    1. Yes, let’s add that Angie. Drew Hiben and Robert Harrell in LA. I remember when Drew took that on as a young teacher with 10 traditional teachers in his department. Haven’t heard from him since.

      1. I tutored Drew in Chinese by Skype in the early fall of this year (which was very fun for me, I think for him, too). We didn’t talk too much about school directly, but my sense was that he’s doing very well & enjoying teaching.

        1. Yes, I think that’s right, so does that mean…. Carrie became the Central States TOY? I think that’s the right term. Same honor as Bob’s, different region, both honored at ACTFL.

          1. That’s right, Diane, different regions and different years.
            Robert Patrick: Parkview High School, Lawrenceville, GA; Latin Language Teacher – Southern Conference on Language Teaching 2014
            Carrie Toth: Carlyle High School, Carlyle, IL— Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages – 2015

  1. Last month I received the 2015 Confucius Institute of Queensland (Australia) Excellence in Teaching Award which is a state level award for teachers of Chinese for continuous commitment to professional learning – particularly for my efforts in introducing CI/TPRS to the language teaching community here in Australia.

    1. I just happened on this very thing and I see it has already been done.
      It needs updating. It does not include Chris Stolz, for example.

  2. I was honored to receive Northwestern High School’s TOY award in 2011-2012, Rock Hill School District, SC. If that’s what you’re looking for.

  3. I was Alaska’s ToY for 2014, PNCFL for 2015 (or 2016, don’t really understand, but the plaque says 2015), and will be on the ACTFL stage in 2016 if I can find a place to teach next year!!

  4. I heard back from Carol, but she can’t remember them all. She wrote this today:
    Ooooh… That is so smart Ben. You’re right, we need to keep track of these people/winners!
    Leslie Davison – CO TOY 2014
    Annick Chen – CO TOY 2015*
    Carrie Toth – Central States Regional TOY 2014
    Grant Boulanger – MN TOY 2015*
    Skip Cosby – TOY… not sure ME? *
    Darcy Pippins – OK TOY 2015*
    Diana Noonan – some big-shot award for which I do not know the name
    Carol Gaab – 3 World Series rings… does it count if you won something based on someone else’s talent? ;} LOL
    I know I’m missing some people.
    *If all of these win their regions (Darcy and Annick face each other at SWCOLT) , they would face each other at the National level.

    1. The thing is Carol that you are a part of the San Francisco Giants organization as its language consultant and teacher of the players so I think those rings are well deserved!

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