Lead Pipes 2

Here is my own EERP with added details drawn from David Young, Ben Lev, Jody Noble and David Maust, from recent comments they made, so that the document continues to expand:

Concrete Action Step 1: sit and let the gorilla (the offending words) be acknowledged by all in the room.
Concrete Action Step 2: call a parent then and there to set up a physical meeting with the offending child present that day, and refuse to put it off to another day.
Concrete Action Step 3: the student is removed to the back of the room or, better, to the classroom of a willing colleague where he/she works on translating old stories or on grammar packets. Yumma yumma!
Concrete Action Step 4: the student should NOT be removed to a classroom of peers but to a class of students younger than they are or much older so that the situation is uncomfortable for them where no “badge of honor” is possible.
Concrete Action Step 5: after the kid is removed: a class discussion about what just happened follows. No discussion of the person here – we address only the behavior.
Concrete Action Step 6: no warnings, just action in the form of a machine.

[credit so far*: David Young, Ben Lev, Jody Noble, David Maust]

*if contributers are missing above, please inform. I love that this is a group document.

So far:

– the kid who mispoke is now out of the group.
– a parent has been called.
– the group is aware of and has discussed what happened.
– the group knows that that there will be the same machine like reaction when the next inappropriate comment is made and it will not matter which student in the class makes it.
– the 2010 or 2012 rules, both sets of which are posted on the walls, have guided the discussion. the posters kept the  discussion from becoming personal in any way – instead, only behaviors were discussed (not the student). Even this (possibly posted one day) EERP document may be of use as well as a third wall source for discussion that goes up the taxonomy about how the class is to function.
– the teacher is in a deep learning process, finding in the labyrinthine passages of our profession, perhaps for the first time in a long career, as in my case, real personal power with kids and how to be professionally proactive and not merely reactive.
– the teacher has perhaps owned up to the class in their own role in the issue, perhaps in terms of the new “teacher rules” poster (e.g. re: not enforcing the no English rule, not going SLOW enough, etc.).



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