Krashen in Schools 2

Is comprehensible input a strong enough force to bring change to school cultures? I’m not asking if it is an effective force in general. Indeed, it is THE driving principle of language acquisition. Rather, I am asking if it can be effective in school language classrooms.

Where am I going with this? As always, I’m not sure. But there is a thought somewhere in here that has always bothered me. For every solid bit of evidence coming out of classrooms like yours, Chris, I wonder about all the teachers around – the Helena Curtains and Mimi Met-led crowds connected to big business – that vast majority of teachers that goes around misinterpreting CI, turning the name of Krashen and the term comprehensible input into a kind of catch phrase.

That has already happened with the term TPRS, which is a name that has become political, whose origin was taken from Asher and then made into something completely different from Asher (which, I am told, pissed Asher off), and which name now means next to nothing as tens of thousands of teachers claim to “do TPRS” in much the same way that a child would insist that he plays professional soccer for Real Madrid but in fact plays on a 10 year old pee wee team in Dallas named Real Madrid.



2 thoughts on “Krashen in Schools 2”

  1. What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? We see that either the force was not irresistible or the object was not immovable. I would say that TCI/TPRS is not yet an irresistible force; however, as more and more students who have learned with TCI move into the ranks of teachers, it will gain force. Some day that force will, I hope, become irresistible. It won’t happen soon, and it won’t happen easily, and it won’t happen without “casualties”.

    I would warn us about questioning the sincerity of those who disagree with us. Most teachers, I firmly believe, want what is best for their students; I doubt that very many teachers genuinely wish to do their students harm. It’s just that reality looks different inside “the Matrix” from outside.

  2. Don’t stop reminding me about that point about all teachers being well intentioned, Robert – of course they are. I just don’t ken to much to surrendering my bitchy edge from inside the matrix. I’ll learn. I keep thinking another 250 years and I should have the bitchy edge worn down to where it’s no longer in my perception of other teachers.

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