We Need New Readers

CI Liftoff, the company that Tina and I have formed, has many goals: to further Beniko’s work in Story Listening, to communicate to others what we think CI can be (not T1), to do regional workshops and conferences, to produce books that may be controversial in subject matter for all kids to enjoy reading during SSR. This link comes under that last category:




10 thoughts on “We Need New Readers”

  1. With that being said, what kinds of books can I get for my class FVR library. I have some here, but what do people use for level 1? I teach French, so French suggestions are helpful. I have class sets of a lot of the Blaine Ray novels, but those are not favorites of the students at all because the stories are not exactly compelling. If anything, the students are united in their extreme dislike of Anne from Pauvre Anne. LOL.

    1. I teach French 1 and 2. I only do class stories and write up (and clean up) freewrites for students to read. I celebrate the kids by looking at their sentence structure complexity then we applaud. I start readers in level 2. For FVR, students read stories which include OWIs from other French 1 classes. In each story there are small translations for new structures that were made from suggestions.

      1. Good idea. I just started OWI a while back, and it went ok, but I think I need some more practice. I do movie talks and we have fun with those and readings related to them. It’s gone well, but I’ve not tried FVR yet this year. It’s on my to do list for next year. It’s my first year back in class after two years off to be home with my kids, so I didn’t want to jump into a new job and new stuff with not much of a library.

    2. Suzanne I would suggest the new very simple readers from Carol. My general position is that readers advertised for level one should be put off until level two and also that those books not be read together as a class but as FVR/SSR. It’s far more enjoyable for the kids w the element of choice, rate of speed, pressure to remember facts, etc.

      1. We read Pauvre Anne for “fun” and I let the students and their partner write alternate endings. That was good fun. The vast majority of what my students wrote was far more entertaining than the actual novel. I don’t test on it, but we read it and discussed, made fun of, etc…There are sometimes I just don’t feel like making up a story or doing PQA, etc…so that was when I broke out the book. 😛

        1. Hahaha! Suzanne, that is exactly what I did with that book, and it was pretty hilarious. WE would just ham it up and kids would get all over dramatized. We never actually finished the book, but I didn’t care, because we were kind of using it as a jumping off point for something fun to talk about.

          I remember distinctly when a group started railing about her and complaining about her attitude, etc, I thought “Heck yeah! The fact that you guys are complaining so vigorously demonstrates your understanding!”

          1. Some students added Anne into a movie talk we did about a penguin on a floating piece of ice who kicks a little annoying chick off into the water. Anne annoyed the penguin so much that he kicks her off into the water as well and she also gets eaten by a shark. Some had Richard write Anne a letter that he is now dating Brigitte and she will no longer be coming to visit Anne, some had Anne’s family send her back to Belgium because they decided they liked life without her better…and on and on. It was actually pretty awesome. LOL.

  2. This is so critical for all languages, Latin especially. I also agree that novels work best when not used for anything other than reading. Activities, class reading, etc., seemingly make kids miserable.

  3. Hear hear! I am in the process of writing first drafts of novels about Gaelic folklore. Perhaps this is a project we could work on together?

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