Guess Who?

A member of our community said this to me in an email today. Guess who it was?

I got a free latte for Teacher Appreciation Week.

The mom who delivered it is Chloe’s mom. She said Chloe loves Spanish and sits around at home talking in Spanish and writing in Spanish for fun. She said she is so happy Chloe is in my class and Chloe ha already told her little sibling to hang in there till seventh grade when Spanish gets fun. Her poor sibling is in a worksheet class in a fourth grade Spanish class.

And a whole herd of my former students from last year came in because they finished their quiz on the pronouns early. And they lamented how much they missed my class, how fun it was. We swapped stories about funny things that had happened in class. They loved it. It was a great experience for them. They will remember it forever.

And now this year’s kids have videos of themselves to look back on, and remember.

THAT is what we are working for. To give all the kids a good time and show them language is beautiful, and fun, and easy and natural.



15 thoughts on “Guess Who?”

  1. Carmen Suárez

    Love those Chloes. I would say is from Tina. She has mentioned something about making a video with her students.

    1. Wait a minute. I originally thought Tina too. Then i looked at the clues and thought “nope tina teaches both years of students, so students wouldnt come back because they are already in her class.” So i thought the teacher taught high school. There i go overthinking again. Tina, what levels do you teach? How many are in your department?

      1. I teach only first year Spanish. The second year kids go to a different teacher for eighth grade Spanish. There are three sections of Spanish per grade. French only has one section cause Spanish is so much more popular. I have one seventh grade French and one eighth grade French. Five classes. Three “preps” (but I don’t prep). 172 students each day.

        1. That must be weird. I hope that your colleagues chill. My students either go to me or to High School. I have 2 classes of French 1. 2 of French 2 and 2 of Spanish Native Speakers. Total 137 students. My two other colleagues have over 200 students. I may teach Spanish 1 only in two years.

  2. I first thought of Amy Marshall because a history teacher at my HS has a daughter in Amy’s class and she has raved about her on a few occasions. But Amy is the only teacher at her MS.

    Go, Tina. It does not take many Chloe stories to take your mind off of the other stuff.

  3. Congratulations, Tina!!!
    Isn’t this what all of us are striving for? I’m so happy for you andI can imagine the joy you must have felt.

  4. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    Anyone who has watched any of Tina’s Liftoff vids knows what Chloe is talkin’ about!

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