Fly In My Soup

A new story from Jim Tripp. Notice that there are no targets. Anne is doing that too. I think Step 1 may be more for when we are being observed, to impress people with all the TPR and fun energy. Or if we feel, of course, that they need the reps to set up the story. What is new is that we are now looking at Step 1 as optional. I think this started with Chris Stoltz.
(Gist: A couple goes out to eat. They each order something. Each finds something gross in their food.)
Simplest version:
Lance and Harlee are at a restaurant. Lance wants potato soup and Harlee wants eggs, bacon and toast.
Lance eats a little bit. He eats more. There is a tooth in the soup!
Harlee eats a little bit of eggs. She eats more. There is a cockroach in her eggs!
Simple version:
Lance and Harlee go to a restuarant. Lance wants potato soup and Harlee wants eggs, bacon and toast.
Lance eats a little. He eats more. There is a tooth in the soup! He says to the waitress, “There’s a tooth in my soup.”
Harlee eats a little bit of eggs. She eats more. There is a cockroach in her eggs! She says to the waitress, “There’s a cockroach in my eggs.”
Somewhat simple version:
Lance and Harlee arrive at a restaurant. Lance orders potato soup and Harlee orders eggs, bacon and toast.
Lance tries the soup. He loves it. He eats more. Then, he finds a tooth in the soup! He complains to the waitress, “There’s a tooth in my soup.”
Harlee tries her bacon first. Then she tries the eggs and toast. She loves it. She eats more. Then, she finds a cockroach in her eggs. She complains to the waitress, “There’s a cockroach in my eggs.”



9 thoughts on “Fly In My Soup”

  1. I appreciate the new format. When I look at older scripts, I always end up saying to myself “wait, my study’s don’t know all those other words!” The updated format allows me to quickly see if this is going to be a 2, 3, or 4 day story!

  2. Completely ot, but I just love this story. For French speakers only. An Englishman in Paris finds a fly in his soup and calls the waiter. “Il y a un mouche dans ma soupe!” The waiter looks and says “C’est une mouche.” The Englishman is amazed. “Wow! You’ve got good eyes!”

  3. Just making sure I understand this correctly, there are no targets so we may choose ourselves what the targets should be (if necessary). If not, then it’s just a fun embedded reading à la Laurie. I see that there are still details underlined, so this is where the personalization piece comes in, right? You’d think I have never done this before, but whenever somebody offers something new, I get worried that I am missing some kind of crucial piece ;-).
    Btw, this is another great Tripp story!!!!!

    1. I see it just as you wrote it Brigitte. Years ago Anne told me that she didn’t write the story for the targets, and she really didn’t see why we couldn’t just have a story. I told her it was for Step 1 so she wrote those two script books like that. I don’t think her third book will have targets.
      I really like the way you said this:
      …there are no targets so we may choose ourselves what the targets should be (if necessary)….I see that there are still details underlined, so this is where the personalization piece comes in, right?….
      It was Chris who most recently said let’s just dispense with Step 1. I will only do it in certain circumstances, like when getting observed, because it is a dog and pony show thing. I never really believed that targeting structures did much good, and now that many in our group start the year with massive targeting of verbs, it’s not that necessary. Unless we are being observed as per the above, or unless in certain cases we feel that some pre-story reps are warranted. All this is just my opinion.

  4. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    YouTube clip search: ‘fly in the soup.’ Could be fun to dramatize, especially if you have some creepy plastic bugs.
    Don’t forget ‘Victor Victoria,’ where Julie Andrews tries to get her restaurant bill forgiven by dumping a cockroach into the meal:

  5. Thanks for the feedback on the new format!
    I wouldn’t say that there are no targets with the new format, but rather, you get to choose IF and WHICH those targets will be. The point of reformatting is to loosen the rigidity of the script language, and embed the idea of adaption into the script itself.
    Yes, it’s still a basic Matava script, and utilizes embedding a la Laurie and Michele, but moreso it suggests scaffolding/substitution of language so that the teacher can decide which words to use to ask the story. It’s not perfect, but if it’s better I’ll start reformatting old scripts. If you’ve got ideas to make the scripting process even clearer, I’d love to hear them. You can leave them here or at my blog where I posted this script. (Thanks for sharing it Ben!)
    Of course I didn’t invent this story as you can see by the many video references above, it’s a classic that I’ve simply scripted for us TPRS teachers. Thanks for the additional resources y’all, and also for the great joke Judy! I think we Spanish teachers could use it too (‘un mosca… no, UNA mosca’, that is, if I’m understanding the joke correctly)

  6. It’s not my idea but it’s cool. You coudl easily blend this with my story:
    I use
    — ordered
    –brought them
    — made a mistake
    — some food items
    — too hot,cold etc (muy ____ in Spanish).
    1. Suzy and Maninder went to _____. Their server was [hot Hollywood guy]. They ordered _____. ___ brought them ___. He made a mistake! They were furious.
    2. They went to ____ (same thing diff foood/ppl).
    3. They went to McDonalds. The counter guy was ugly. But they got what they orderd. He did not make a mistake!

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