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Kristen sent this upon my request and thank you Kristen:

Hi Ben,

The app I have been using more and more of this year is called Educreations. On a storytelling day, I hand my iPad to the kid who wants to have the artist job. He or she draws on the iPad as the class tells the story. You can add text or images, but I have them try to keep it simple with images most of the time. They can change colours, and they just draw with a finger.

They make different “slides” in a row of each of the main events in the story. Then at the end of class, I take the written story from my story writer and hit “record” and I read the story out loud. I sync what I’m saying with the proper slide by hitting the arrow button to advance the slide as I’m reading the story. Then when you hit done, the file saves in your Educreations account and can be accessed from the Educreations website or replayed on the iPad. I always replay them the following day to recap the story. The kids like to see what the artist drew, there’s generally some laughter, and they are hearing the story one more time. They usually find it so easy by that point that they don’t even have to work hard to understand it!

You can see an example from my grade 9 French class below:




9 thoughts on “Educreations App”

  1. Now THIS is a great way to use the app and the iPad. Thanks so much! I wonder whether kids have iPads that they’d be willing to use, but even if not, this rocks. (Mine doesn’t have G3, so I’d have to save it and then upload it at home. Just one more step.)

  2. This is a great idea BUT I gotta warn people–

    A) Educreations owns your content.

    B) You cannot edit your content once you have saved it. This is either fine– if for example you are asking for different deets each time you are asking a story, so you are happy to have a bunch of different versions– or really irritating if you want to later fiddle with what you have done.

    I wrote them yesterday and they told me that a future build would include the capability to edit after saving it.

    Nevertheless I am gonna try it today with my Tripp haloween story. I saw Kristin’s hilarious elephant one and it rocked.

  3. This is amazing. I can imagine how much fun the class had writing this story. How wonderful to have it saved in a slideshow…I need to get an ipad…

  4. Just checked out the app online. Your use for it is by far the best – the other examples ho-hum at best. Same old with technology. Thanks, Kristin!

  5. C’est adorable!!!!! I absolutely love it. We are a 1:1 chrome book school but I’ll definitely use my iPad for this one – just installed it. Thanks so much for pointing us in a good direction with technology!!!!! I’m struggling quite a bit to fulfill my admins DEMAND for tech integration into pretty much every lesson. With textivate and this, I’m set – merci encore!

  6. Yes, I really like the app overall, and especially like that I can use technology in a way that is still somewhat CI-focused, but I HATE that you can’t edit it at all! Even once you start recording, you can’t go back and try again, so you have to get it right the first time or live with the mistakes. Haha.

  7. I’m just thinking out loud here – you could take screenshots of each frame before you start recording. This way, you would have a back up of the pictures in case something went wrong during the voice recording. You could then just insert the saved screenshots as pictures and start over again. Haven’t tried it yet, but I think that could work.

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