Need More Dashboard Photos

So far Tina, Steven, Carmen and Ryann have shared photos taken on their commutes to work. Only teachers know what those moments of going to and from the battlefield (but it doesn’t have to be) feel like. There is something poetic about the two images that have so far been shared with us. PLC members are invited to send us more photos like this so we can see what you see on your way to what I believe is one of the hardest jobs in the world.



6 thoughts on “Need More Dashboard Photos”

    1. Sorry, no dashboard photos possible by me, I walk to school! Would a photo of my school be all right, in case I’m not too old to master the skill of posting photos?

      1. Of course I think it is cool when we share anything about each other. This is a very small group. We can do things that bring us closer together. I’m sure we would love to see each other’s school buildings as well. Like the idea of Carmen teaching there in Chicago. For me, physically seeing that landscape is a kind of poetry, a kind of meditation on the fact that in the middle of a crazy world there is a young teacher going down that road every day for very fine and noble reasons, to help lift kids up in a world where they can find little of that. To me, Carmen is a hero.

        Another thing about this group. Let’s try to keep the discussion to best practices. Of course I’m the worst offender on that. But sometimes I feel like throwing up when I think about all the time wasting speech out there online about how we teach. We argue and measure. We hero worship. Egos clash. I just want to know what is best for reaching kids. That was the original purpose of this PLC and the blog that preceded it fifteen years ago. To find better ways to teach and share them. Maybe we can do that. Maybe we can work on best teaching practices because haven’t we talked enough about theory? We know what works, so why are we still doing that? It’s really very stupid.

        Look at Carmen again. She didn’t get to be a young rock star by reading books on research. She doesn’t have the time. What teacher has the time to read about research? So she comes here and gets ideas to use in the classroom. That is what I want for this site. I want it to be a practical place and not a theoretical place.

        That is why Tina and I are starting the Cascadia Conference this year – to further best practices, which we are convinced center around non-targeted instruction and we have lots of proof – at least for us – to that end.

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool to see each other’s commutes, or a snapshot of them, after all these years of knowing each other and going through so much together? But I haven’t gotten any dashboard photos yet. I’m blaming how teachers never really get to relax – even when driving, they are planning classes. Oh well. Merci d’avance, jen.

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