The Format of our blog community will change now. Readers will use the Forum more often.

The expansion of options here will continue in the long run to include more and more changes. For example, we will set up opportunities for real time conversation down the road. That will be fun. Look for that addition here in the fall.

For now, start visiting the Forum. It has the distinct advantage of your being able to find a specific thread or create one yourself and dive right into discussion about it without the clunky format of having to sort through articles and comments as they are presented on this side of the PLC.

The PLC will continue as is. Now we have two places to share information, one general and one specific. So you may want to go check the Forum out. It is already far more active than it has been in recent years, which is neat because it has always had such potential for us to communicate at a higher level about the work we do.

The main thing is that it is easier to ask specific questions and get specific answers right now on the Forum. The discussion is general here and specific there.

Since I will be traveling this entire week coming home and we don’t want to waste a minute getting the Forum up and running, I have asked Tina to start organizing the content and topics there right away.

Go check it out and don’t be a stranger! You can even edit your own comments, something not possible on the PLC. I will of course hang out in both places.

Click on the Tutorials hard link above for instructions on how to set up your free Forum account.



14 thoughts on “Forum”

  1. Hello, community, hi, Ben. Just got on board and have tones of questions. My first one is how to register on Forum as I haven’t had wit to find the Menu with a Forum button said in the instruction.
    I’ve signed up on Gravatar, yet, I don’t get how to connect it to the PLC.

    Thanks and sorry if I’m commenting it in the wrong chat box.

    1. Alexander, there is no forum, we simply now use the comment box under blog posts.

      Welcome to the best $5 a month you can ever spend on your mental health and your career!

        1. Alexander, with Greg I also extend a warm welcome and yes what Greg said is accurate – the Forum is no longer used. Also, I’m about to launch a new version of my website, since this format is 15 years old. That means that I’ll remove outdated stuff like the Forum links and all.

          I will also contact my web design guy and ask about the gravatar question.

          If I may ask, are you in the U.S. or abroad? We have another member from Kazakhstan and I feel moved when I think that we are discussing things that unite people (languages) not just in the U.S but also around the world. It’s time for that. Also, my mother is Russian.

          1. alexanderegorovich

            Right, I’m in Moscow, Russia, Ben. I also had that question in mind to ask if the PLC has grown to multinational yet.

            Thank you for the warm welcome!

          2. Moscow is where my mom was born, but then grew up in Taganrog (Sea of Azov). But I still have an aunt who lives in Moscow and, ironically, teaches English.

  2. Also Alexander it’s fine if you comment anywhere you like. We don’t have Facebook’s technology here, but it works for us – we’re able to be more thoughtful in our communication.

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