C’est Comme Ça La Vie

I’ve taken some time to reflect on the direction of our discussions here over the past year and have concluded that our scope is drifting too wide. My first thought in creating this blog was to have a place where we could all discuss specific strategies to get better at comprehensible input. That remains my primary goal here.

Necessarily, discussions about theory happen when trying to design best practices in our classrooms, but in my view our discussions have gotten lopsided on theory and we have not stayed as focused on teaching strategies as we might have. No big deal. We can change it and get back to what we’re about here – because I am guessing that I am not the only one here who wants to get back to what works in the classroom.

However, the period of creating new ideas at a massive rate is cooling down. Any new ideas that we generate into the future are really going to be just variations on the original three steps from which we have worked for years now. We have plenty of strategies – we just have to help each other make them work now. So let’s not get all caught up in theory and try to get back to what makes a difference – classroom strategies.

There is no reason not to discuss theory, and we should never stop sharing our personal trials in our buildings with each other because our mental health comes first, of course we must continue to do all that. But I would primarily like to nudge the discussion back to strategies. Other groups can exist to talk, we must exist to get better at classroom strategies.

It goes without saying that the more video of each other teaching we get, crappy video or good video, the better teachers we will be. There is no group and probably never will be in our field or in any field where teachers openly share video of themselves teaching in the way we were able to accomplish in our war rooms this summer.

My Christmas wish list has only one thing on it for this group – more video. Of course, I don’t know where Santa is going to find a all that video – preferably five minute or less clips – because when it comes to filming ourselves in all our stumbling glory, we won’t do it. Our egos get in the way. So we rely on words. Oh well, c’est comme ça la vie.

Please do not misread this. I am fine with discussions about the theoretical underpinnings of our work. It’s just that we don’t need to prove it anymore. Leave that to the other groups. Yes, keep talking about it, but also bring into our discussions here more specifics about what we are doing in our classrooms, how it’s working or not, etc. This would include lots of reports from the field with details, and, maybe, some video. I want more balance in our discussions here is what I am saying.



2 thoughts on “C’est Comme Ça La Vie”

  1. Great Christmas wish: more video. I’m slowing getting there and confident that I’ll post a new video within the next couple of weeks.

    It is liberating for you to repeat how valuable it is to share crappy video as well as good video. Much appreciated!

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