Call for Curriculum Documents

I got this important question:

Hi Ben,

I was wondering what you do if a student or parent wants a syllabus for the year.

My response:
I recommend teaching the traditional curriculum for 1/3rd or 1/2 or 2/3 of the time in our classrooms anyway. This is in order to avoid having to explain the new CI curriculum to pigheaded (that’s actually an insult to pigs) people who can’t/don’t want to understand what we are actually dong these days.
But we must keep the peace with nosy and uninformed parents and admins and colleagues. How to do it?
Well, since as stated above that each year we are going to present the entire traditional curriculum, only part time, we just borrow what we need from someone who has already done it (usually someone in our building who is more than happy to share their most reasonable syllabus with the CI hippy down the hallway) and adopt it to the format our school requires. So simple.
If you can’t find an acceptable curriculum, it may take a little while to produce such a document but you can always use it in future years, so it’s worth it.
In fact, on my old PLC I used to have a folder for “Shared Curriculum Docs”. Why don’t we just share them here for our various languages. You may find it by doing a search for it in the search bar once this PLC is repaired.
Anne Matava do you have one for German because Tanya teaches German? We all would welcome docs from teachers of other languages who are members of this PLC. We used to do it all the time.
If we keep them here, we will save each other a lot of time.
Let me be clear in my message here, and a bit more blunt:
I am now professionally and formally suggesting that we teach the old way for part of class, or for a few days a week, or for a week every month, just to end the stupid fights with ignorant people who think that it’s still 1960.
Worried that teaching for 1/3rd or more of a class period using CI will cause the kids to score lower on the common assessments. Don’t be. Kids trained with non-targeted CI do quite well on the common assessments even when they are doing CI full time. Even if they do score lower than other teachers’ kids, it’s all good because then the other teachers have someone to lord it over, which is really all they want anyway.
When you give your students a traditional curriculum and present it to them part time either daily or weekly or monthly or in even longer increments it’s called throwing a bone to the the dog to get it to shut up!



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