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Happy Ones

When we teach according to the standard of Communication and the research that says that Comprehensible Input is the way human beings acquire languages, we open up for ourselves in the act of teaching each

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Out of the Doldrums

When children come to us to learn the languages that we teach them, they come to us in trust. But we do not always honor that trust. We do that unintentionally of course – but

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Sublingual Repetitions

Sublingual Output is a term I made up because I don’t know the proper research term. It’s when the kids seem to be repeating stuff you say to themselves but you can barely see their

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Q and A – The Ultimate CI Book 4

I’m writing a book to offer questions and answers about my new UCI books. Here are some examples: Q. In the videos, you used a different poster than what I thought was supposed to be

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Call for Curriculum Documents

I got this important question: Hi Ben, I was wondering what you do if a student or parent wants a syllabus for the year. Thanks! Tanya My response: I recommend teaching the traditional curriculum for 1/3rd

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New Book Q and A

My new book which will be out next summer is Book 4 of the Ultimate CI series. It will include lots of questions I typically get about Books 1 and 2. This morning I got

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Sean Lawler on Heritage Speakers

Sean reports: Mike Peto is a great source on teaching heritage students. He helped create a Facebook page called Teacher of Spanish Heritage Speakers. It’s a good page. I used to be much more involved

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