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TPRS - The Easy Way

How To Use Invisible Characters To Make Stories Work In Your Language Classroom

Ben's new 2016 book: TPRS The Easy Way is now available for purchase.

Some quotes from Ben about his newest book, TPRS - The Easy Way:

"Kids crave plot! Learn a tightly-engineered system for delivering compelling, engaging plot in class after class, crafting stories with your students that put their ideas and creativity front and center. Class will go by faster than you want it to!"

"Bring to the awareness of each student that they are like young trees in a grove of trees, each one special, each one with her own job, each one with her own sense of value and importance, each one capable of glittering in her own way during a story."

"When I see my students practically falling out of their chairs while following a story line built around one of the characters they or one of their classmates has prepared, I know that a web of connectedness now ties the character to the class. Pringle Man has become a kind of actual occupant, logo or brand, of that particular class. He is almost a student!"

"Learn to make your students and their ideas the absolute center of the class’ focus. It is so much easier and more fun to simply structure your classes so you can relax and discover where your students' creativity will lead you today. When both the students and the teacher love an Invisibles character, the results for the story can't help themselves - they will be unforgettable."

"Learn to craft an environment where students can simply be who they are - give your students that gift of love and acceptance. You will shift your energy away from mere forms and structures of language, and towards freedom, joy, creativity, and community. You will make space for your students to be loved in your class for who they are, and not for how many questions they can get right."

"This new model is based on fun and building strong relationships. Basing our instruction on that will yield much greater gains in the long run."

"When there is no whip of memorization driving the classroom, big gains can happen."

"People will be connected by more than just a table of contents in a textbook, but by students’ ideas - their fantastically creative characters and stories."

"Learn to work with students in terms of the roles that they play in your classroom as well, and not just the role you play in it. By sharing the responsibility for telling a great story, you will find greater peace and happiness in your classroom."

"In the Invisibles classroom, children believe that they can do it. Students see learning as a joyful thing and not as something tedious and boring and something that they cannot do. Your students will learn more because they are happier."

"Learn how to get out of the way of your stories and allow the students' cute answers to drive things forward. The more we try to control a story script, the more we strangle it."

"The story creation process you will learn in this book brings balance and harmony your story. It brings simplicity and elegance. It allows you to fully relax and enjoy the process of story creation with literally no fear or worry about whether the story will work or not. The glue is here. The magic is here."