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TPRS in a Year!

Ben Slavic's #1 Best Selling Book On TPRS!

TPRS in a Year! was developed and written to help teachers speed up the process of learning TPRS. Forty-nine different skills are discussed. There are four in-depth sample stories describe how to construct stories using TPRS. There is also an extensive Q and A section in the book.

In TPRS in a Year!, You Will Discover How To:

  • Work together with your students to create a story.

  • Choose and implement the TPRS skills that work for you.

  • Bring students into your classroom process without forcing them.

  • Teach for authentic language acquisition.

  • Use TPRS techniques like circling to make sure that each student understands

  • Make comprehensible input and personalization the foundation of your success.

  • Establish trust in your classroom.

  • Use scripted stories as a basis for your own stories.

  • Unleash the powerful tool of reading in your classroom.

  • Teach writing using the proven dictée form.

  • Prolong your career and avoid teacher burnout.


What Experts and Teachers Are Saying About TPRS in a Year!


"Ben Slavic's book, TPRS in a Year!, is excellent. It is all about doing what is best for teachers. This book is marvelous and will be a great help. I believe that it can only have a great influence for good."

Blaine Ray


"Ben, I think your books rock. We're at the German TPRS week long seminar and we leaders have promoted your books. TPRS in a Year! is perfect for both beginners who need a step by step instruction of each skill and for experienced people who feel their classes are becoming a bit flat."

Julie Baird


"I have been reading your book TPRS in a Year! and am completely enlightened. I have been doing TPRS for 5 years. Now, after reading your book, I realize that I have just dipped my toe into the swimming pool. I am ready to go for a dip this year.

I had no idea of all of the skills that I [can improve] in. I had no idea that there were that many skills to look at in reference to TPRS. I had been to several workshops...and I had no idea of how to improve. You have given me a lot to think about! I am so pleased. Thank you so very much. Keep it up. You are a lighthouse to those of us trying to find our way."

Kris Bintliff