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TPRS - Suggested Daily Schedule

Suggested Daily Schedule

TPRS Suggested Daily ScheduleThe need to do FVR is clear. But, if we add ten minutes of FVR into our daily plan, we can find that getting through everything listed below is not very easy. Should the sequence below be therefore split over two days? This is where the 90 block has the great advantage.

However each individual teacher decides to solve the problem of not enough time (a nice problem to have!), the suggested sequencing of classroom activities is a very strong one and highly recommended. (Suggested time amounts in parentheses are for a 60 min. class.)

1. FVR – 10 min.
2. PQA, a story, or a reading class, depending on what day of the week it is (see Suggested Weekly Schedule)– 15 min.
3. Brain Break, call roll, texting time – 5 min.
4. More PQA, continue the story or the reading class – 15 min.
5. Processing of the artist’s work – 5 min.
6. Quick Quiz – 5 min.
7. Metacognition Exit Discussion (using the metacognition poster – 5 min.)


1.Ten minutes of FVR. No exceptions. (Tardies are such a problem in my own school that sometimes I dock each late kid one point for every minute late – while still sitting on a stool and reading myself with my computer by my side – but that is probably not necessary in most schools). I use the Calming Music in each FVR period. It has a deeply calming effect on the children and actually changes the often frenetic mood we have to wrestle with in regular CI classes.

2.The time that follows the FVR is the time when I should not, cannot afford, absolutely must avoid, English. I am not talking here about the very little bursts of English that SUPPORT the CI. Those are rare and even they should be avoided. I am talking about what can almost be called the illness of allowing ourselves to just slide off into English for whatever reason, and there are many, not the least of which is our crippling need to hear our own voices showing kids how smart we are.

3.What about texting? I call roll half way through class. It is a complete stopping of class, the phones come out, I hang out and talk in English with the kids, correcting certain behaviors. This little 3-5 minute period is absolutely necessary according to all brain break research. The threshold of 20 minutes before they need a brain break must be respected.