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TPRS - Rigor


TPRS - RigorAs you interact with students, check to see if they are fulfilling the requirements of Interpersonal Communication. It isn’t a “participation grade”, it’s an academic grade based on demonstrated performance in the areas of culturally appropriate listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and signing.

* Are they actively negotiating meaning in the target language, or are they passive or even working against the negotiation of meaning?

*Are they observing and monitoring the teacher (not just each other) for understanding in the target language?

*Are they indicating the need for clarification and adjustments?

*Do they attempt to participate in a genuine conversation and interaction in the target language – or do they speak in their native language?

I cannot emphasize it enough: this is not the traditional “participation grade”; it is an academically rigorous assessment based on the emphasis in the Standards on the Three Modes of Communication of ACTFL.

[Credit: Robert Harrell]