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PQA in a Wink! |  TPRS French | TPRS Book

A Must Have Book For Teachers Learning How To Do TPRS!

This book addresses personalization and the TPRS Step One skill of PQA, providing specific suggestions about PQA and classroom discipline that are easy to blend into any curriculum, not just a TPRS curriculum. 

In PQA in a Wink! you will discover how to:

  • Start the year out by personalizing your classroom

  • Build rapport and connect with your students

  • Make PQA work in your classroom

  • Greatly increase student involvement in your class

  • Learn to talk to your students in the target language about things that interest them.

  • Come up with creative and interesting names for your students

  • Use the target language from the first day of class

  • Deal with oppositional and reticent students

  • Extend PQA into stories

  • Increase your enrollment