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A Natural Approach to the Year

A Year Of Lesson Plans For The First-Year
Proficiency-Based Classroom

Ideal for a self-study, with cycles of self-reflection and self-administered professional development for the teacher. Use it alone or work with a colleague or Professional Learning Community to turn your day job into a yearlong workshop.

Make this year a time of tremendous professional growth for you, using this book day-by-day to propel you into a higher velocity as a proficiency-based teacher. Whether you are just starting out or a longtime teacher looking to simplify your preparation and hone your skills, this book will guide you day by day, week by week, and cycle by cycle through the year.

You can stop looking for the next activity to engage your students, stop the hours of digging through strategies, and rest yourself for a time with us, working alongside us through a year of simplifying your professional life. We think this is quite simply the finest proficiency-based professional development material yet produced.

TPRS Book Review

"My student teacher and I are deep into the Invisibles now and WE LOVE THEM!! We love the awesome, creative characters and each unique story behind them! As suggested, I have an area – the “Gallery” - in my room dedicated to each of my five classes and each class wants to outdo the next!

The pictures intrigue the students and the stories have been so much better without a plan, and yet each story has consistently been a success! I think it's really clear to the students now that with the Invisibles it is their responsibility to come up with the story and if it's not interesting, it's on them."

Keri Biron

TPRS Book Review

"I just finished reading A Natural Approach to Stories – the Invisibles, and am excited beyond words. There is so much in it that resonates with me, that intuitively I know is right. I've already begun to implement some of the more subtle ideas, with great success, in my classroom. Setting up the room and the classroom jobs as you describe will take a little more time, but I know it's the right thing for my students. I just love everything about this. It's student centered, fun, organic, community-building, and clearly leads to great gains in student proficiency. This is ground-breaking. Thank you for this wonderful gift!"

Anne Matava