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The Invisibles Supplements

By Ben Slavic

This book is currently only available in PDF format.

The Invisibles Supplements

Ben describes this book:

“The materials provided in the Invisibles Supplements book clarify and support the instructional program described in The Invisibles. Included are strategies and skills of my own invention that make comprehensible input instruction work in much more efficient ways for second language teachers.

In the past, language instruction has largely involved isolating parts of language (grammar or working from word lists) and then breaking everything down into pieces and analyzing it. This is a left-brain dominant process requiring thinking. It is a process that involves planning and memorizing and testing and filling in blanks and no small degree of boredom.

The result of the old kind of teaching is that our students learned unimportant things about the structure of the language, which allowed them to pass tests, but they didn’t learn the language itself. The result is the common phrase, “I took four years of Spanish in high school and I can’t say a thing.

The curriculum described in this book is different. It is spatial in nature. Here is how I represent it:

By starting in the Create phase of the star with an image created by the student, instead of starting from a grammar point or from certain words packed into a semantic set or a thematic unit list, in this schema we just talk to the students about their image, going clockwise from one node to the next in the star, expanding the language into space, as it were.

After all, what is our goal in this work of teaching languages? Isn’t it to use the language to communicate with our students? Is that not the standard – Communication?

More Reviews and Comments for The Invisibles Supplements

“I have done lots of stories from OWIs this year, but the magic really happened when we created stories around our individual characters in one of my classes, and I'm looking forward to learning more about that in this new book.”
Ben Fisher

“This has totally transformed my teaching. No more grammar worksheets!”
David Hobson

“The printable charts - 27 pages of them - at the end of the book are fantastic! They allow me quick access to whatever information I want since I am a visual person. Plus, I can make them into posters much more easily.”
Michael Randall

“You absolutely can teach with no planning if you read this book carefully.”
Thomas Miller

“The Star Sequence completely supplants the old thematic mapping model from the 1980s that is still in use today.”
Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

“I love the simplicity of this! It’s so practical!”
Linda Wright